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Timeline and control software for audiovisual artists

By the creator of CoGe

Vezér enables control of realtime video software, lighting setups, and any MIDI, OSC or DMX enabled environments, through the use of timeline based MIDI, OSC and DMX automations.


Demo for Mac OSX 10.7 - 10.11


Various Tracks and Compositions OSC Presets The Auto-Bang mode

Key Features






Screen records and basic explanations of the example files bundled with the application download

coge midi example

This example using MIDI to trigger still images to create a stop-motion like animation in CoGe then control an effect parameter to create distorted look.

modul8 osc example

A simple example using two OSC tracks in Vezér to scale two still images in Modul8 with easing.

resolume osc example

Scales a layer in Resolume with bounce easing and moves on other one using OSC.

vdmx midi example

Using MIDI to control size of a layer in VDMX while using an other MIDI track in Vezér to control opacity and position of an other layer.

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Connect to Modul8 - OSC

Connect Modul8 to Vezér with OSC.

Connect to Resolume - OSC

Connect Resolume to Vezér with OSC.

Connect to CoGe - OSC

Connect CoGe to Vezér with OSC.

Connect to MadMapper

Connect Vezér to MadMapper with OSC.

Sync with Ableton Live

MIDI Clock Sync with Ableton Live.

Convert Audio to Keyframes

Audio Tracks and convert Audio to Keyframes.

Record and playback MIDI

Record and Play MIDI in CoGe, Modul8, Resolume and VDMX

Import MIDI files

Import MIDI files to Vezér

Import Color files

Import Color (.ase) files to Vezér

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Try before buy

Please try out the demo before you buy - the demo is fully functional but you cannot save your work. Make sure Vezér is the right tool for you before purchasing, because we can NOT guarantee refunds.


License for Vezér is available from $79 (+VAT). You can purchase with Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Orders are securely processed by Fastspring©.



You can apply for one of the following discounts from the retail price:

Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. E-mail us a photo or scan of your ID card, or your existing CoGe license details to apply for a discount.

Privacy policy

We will never sell, rent, or share any of your data with anyone

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